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Peru Eats Welcome Video

Peru Eats Welcome Video

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Welcome to the Peruvian Gastronomy Guide of Australia.


We want to celebrate the diversity and richness of Peruvian cuisine and show the good reception it enjoys in Australia, a country that welcomes a wide range of international cooking practices and culinary styles.

Here you will find information about Peruvian restaurants, cafés & bars, Peruvian-inspired eateries, food trucks, grocery shops with your favourite Peruvian products, Pisco and more.

With this initiative we also acknowledge the Peruvian entrepreneurs´ efforts, persistence and passion in spreading our gastronomy. To them, as well as to the Australian public, we dedicate this guide. 

So, are you craving for a Peruvian bite while in Oz? the aim of this gastronomy guide, carefully curated by the